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Today I want to tell you about how to develop an eBook, find
hot topics, what software to use, and how to publish.
Don't worry, you don't have to be a writer to write an ebook or
a hot money making report!
Remember, I discussed how information sells well on the Internet,
and how I did it, and you can do it too!
Consider these topics for examples:
How to write a hot selling report
How to clean house in half an hour
How to raise your kids into responsible adults
How to turn the cards around in Black Jack
How to enjoy a party without getting high
How to cook for a king on a pauper's budget
How to go from rags to riches in one year
How to land a hot paying job
How to arrange car pools
How to budget your monthly paycheck
How to stand out in a crowd
How to meet women
How to meet men
How to find a partner after divorce
How to turn disaster into triumph
How to get free dinners at restaurants
How to save your marriage
No matter what your life has been like, you have something
to tell or teach to someone; be it sewing, art, crafts, courts,
traffic tickets, raising kids, training pets, budget shopping,
potty training a child.. the list can just go on and on.
You can see coming up with a topic to write about is easy.
With REPRINT RIGHTS on various topics you can grab them, copy
and paste them into your favorite writing program and before
you know it, you will have developed an eBook or a report that
can make you money.
I am going to help you with getting some reports. That's right,
I want you to succeed. In tomorrow's issue I am going to give
you 650 reports that you can use to develop your product.
After you have written your product, you are going to wonder
how to get started with publishing it.
For any business on the Internet, you need a few things.
You need a domain name ( Average cost 15.00 per year
You need a web host (someone to host your domain) Average cost 17.00 
per month
You need to build your site (It's a lot easier than you may think)
And, an ebook builder software. (You can get one for free, 
however remember how I talked about branding your product for
back-end sales?  Well, you will need a special eBook software.
They range from 45.00 to 90.00 dollars on the internet.)
But, what if you don't want to write a report or an eBook?
You certainly do not have to. You can make money by selling
other people's products, by purchasing the reseller rights. 

Stay Tuned for Day 5 where you will get your 650 reprint rights
reports and I will tell you about: 
How to get resell rights to start selling now! 
Until Tomorrow, my Regards!
Tom Hua