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Wow, you are serious. I am happy to have you back and
enjoying this Free internet course. 
Yesterday, I promised you the free 650 reports. You may
download them now here:

If your Internet connection is not fast enough,
you might experience some difficulties when you 
download the file (6.5 MB). 
You can download the 650 reports in smaller blocks 
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This is Day 5 of 7 Days:
Today, I want to tell you how to get reseller rights to products. 
That is what I did, and you can do it, too.
When searching for reseller rights, you need to find what you
would like to sell. You can search the internet for 
"reseller rights" and "master rights."
Most of them come with a ready made killer sales page.
An example of one would be to the eBook "Killer Mini Sites"
Check out this site and see how it is being sold:
Now, you have seen an example, you can see that what you would
get would be the ebook, and the web page to sell it. You
would, of course, need your own domain and a web host and you
would need to learn how to set up your site. 
(Setting up a website is just not that hard to learn!)
Another example is my packaged eBooks... 
Look at what you can get for a small amount of money
Now, you are on your way to seeing how you can get products
and get started with selling them on the internet!
Tomorrow I will tell you how and why I started This is the site that is making it 
very easy for you to get started in selling eBooks on the 
Enjoy your reports!
Tom Hua