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Complete the following steps before Workshop 2

1. Download the following software that you may require for your exercise

2. Signup for the following

3. Pick one of the following as your affiliate program and signup for it. Copy your affiliate links into a notepad txt file for reference later.

4. Select an ebook from EbookWholesaler that you want to promote
    For market research, you can use the following tools to guide you

5. Register a domain name. You can use either of these websites to register

If you have registered with domain registrars other than ikeys, remember to configure the name servers
(or DNS) to

6. Activate your Hostingbay account with this link. Do this only ONCE.

Refer to the 1st email by Tom Hua on instructions to activate your GoldHosting account.

You will be asked to enter a main domain name. Do consider carefully before selecting which domain name to be used as the main domain name as it will be difficult to change later.

Select a domain name that you are likely to use for a long time, for example or your and avoid those domains that you are using one-time to sell a single product.

The password is the password decided by you to be used to log in to your hostingbay account. Fill in the email that was used to register for Tom's package.

After filling the form, you will need to wait for an email reply to confirm that your webhosting has been configured.

For subsequent domain names that you want to add into the hostingbay account, use the cpanel and 'Add Domain' feature. You can access the cpanel by typing

7. To test your domain name is working,

  • use NVU to edit a simple HTML file with the phrase 'Hello World'.
  • Save the file as 'index.html'
  • use the FTP software to connect to your domain name (using the username and password for Hostingbay)
  • On the remote server, change the folder to 'public_html'
  • Upload the 'index.html' file into that directory
  • At the browser, key in the URL of your domain name to confirm the website has been updated.