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Ebooks are electronic books that can be downloaded from anywhere
on the internet. They can be sold easily with no cost to reproduce 
them like "real books" do. But, don't let that make you think
that ebooks are not REAL or useful. They are very useful!  
eBooks sell on the net everywhere. Informational eBooks are HOT... 
and the sales are sky rocketing. Information has always sold, 
there is no difference between now and then, except eBooks give 
people "instant gratification." You get out a credit card, and 
within five minutes you have the book that you purchased!

eBooks can be easily updated without reprinting them all over again.
It can be done easily by a click of the mouse. eBooks also offer
Interactive functions which Traditional books never could.
There are no shipping fees, and there is no wait to get them.
You can sell the same book over and over again, and you can sell 
them to anyone who has a computer!

Electronic Publishing Revolution has just started...and
the Internet has provided us with the media to market
and deliver information products at the speed of light!
Imagine... one "hot" selling book where thousands of people want to 
buy it from you and you can keep all the money for selling it.
Over the next six days I am going to teach you what I did, 
to pull in over $200,000 per year through selling eBooks,
how to get them, and how to make them work for you, even after
you sell them. 

That's right, eBooks done right, 
bring in extra Residual Income for you!
Until Tomorrow, my Regards!
Tom Hua