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I am glad to have you back.  
This is day 6 of the 7 day course, 
and it is about how I started
After acquiring over 3,000+ Resellers for my FreeToSell Package, 
questions kept coming up.
As the package became more and more popular, 
I received many requests that my resellers wanted to have 
Their O1wn Links and Affiliate ID's in the eBooks they sell. 
This is where eBookWholesaler Membership came from. 
I looked back at what I had done with my freetosell (FTS) package 
and taken the Most Important Strategies I used in creating and
marketing that package. 

I made my commitment not only to just share them with you, 
but also actually hand All my Secrets over to YOU!
This is where the MAGIC of the ebooks really comes in. 
Unlike conventional books, with eBooks you can arrange links to 
many web sites you are affiliated with. 
Most of the web sites now offer affiliates/resellers programs. 
If you choose quality web sites based on your own experience, 
your honest recommendation can bring you profits. 
When your reader of the ebook that you "branded" with Your 
Affiliate Links purchase the products you recommend, 
YOU make back-end residual income.
This is what I have done with FreeToSell Package. 
Not only have I made over $100,000 cash as the direct result of 
the sales of the package, but also I had great back-end sales. 
The potential back-end profits is going to be coming my way for 
years to come.
What are the key factors of a successful online Business?
In this course, I have given you suggestions on how to develop
your own product, and/or purchase reseller/master rights to products.
The factors are:

Quality products/or reseller rights to quality products.
(Reseller rights are the easiest and the quickest)

Product value - You must offer a good deal with 
Great Value with your products. 

Little Competition - If you are selling the products everyone 
else is selling, there is little chance for you to stand out 
from the crowd. You must sell something that not too many people 
are selling against you. 

Web Site - Your web site is your Store Front. This is where you
close the sales. Quality Web Sites are absolutely essential for 
Any online business. 

Back-end sales - Quality Built-in Back-end products are the key 
to long term Profits for Your On line business. 

Promotion - once you have the right products, you need to 
send people to your web site. The right approach to traffic 
building is also critical to your on line success.

Tomorrow, I will tell you how my eBookWholesaler Membership
can help you with Everything You need to have a successful online business.
Tom Hua