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I am glad you have stayed here to find out more, 
for I know if you just stick with what I am teaching you, 
it can change your attitude and your financial future.

This is day three of seven days. 
This is how I started on the internet and 
has made me a success. Remember, 

I wanted to start my business on line, but I thought, 
where should I start? 

Well, obviously I needed some products to sell. 
So, I thought hard, "What could I sell?" ... 
I began to research the net, and as I was researching 
I realized I was searching for information.
My question was answered!

Today, more than ever before, is the age of information.  
Twenty-Four hours per day, seven days per week and all around 
the world, an incredible demand for information is constantly 
searched for.

It doesn't matter where you live, 
or what time it is. The internet is open 
and people are out there searching for information.

You can believe me when I say that people crave information 
that appeals to their basic needs and will some how Educate them,
make their life Easier or Enlighten them. And the good news is the
Internet has provided us such a Great Media to Sell and Deliver 
information products like nothing you have ever seen before.

Once I decided to sell information, my next question was, 
"How do I get informational products?"  
I couldn't write a book or develop any programs.

Then I found the solution!  As I was searching and 
I found some products that I could purchase the RESELL RIGHTS to. 
So my search went on until I had 12 quality products with reseller 
rights.  So, with some good products to sell on hand, I was getting

The best part was that I realized that it wouldn't cost me anything
to produce them and they could be delivered online without my lifting
a finger! And, I could make money while I was sleeping. 

This was where the Package came from. 
It was easy to put a web site together 
since most of the products came with Web pages. 
I packaged the products together and offered it at $49.97. 
This was good value and had the most popular and quality products 
at that time. It was quite unique as well since everyone else was
selling these products separately. The package was selling for more
than any other individual product but it offered better Value since 
there were 12 products in the package. 

I had also gone through my notes and added the best resources I had 
found and used in the past. I then arranged these resources and the 
Download links to these products and created a Master eBook for the
package. Then I decided to really add some "Hot Excitement" to the
package. I would grant the resell rights to everyone who purchased
the master eBook.

That was why I named the it 'FreeToSell'. I wanted people to sell 
the package to the others ... as many copies as possible. This is 
called "Virtual Marketing." This made the package even more unique.
Because my resellers only needed to sell one eBook. The master eBook 
saved them from having to upload all the books to their website. 
All they needed to do was upload one eBook and sell that eBook, 
the rest was my responsibility. 
How easy could it get for my customers?

When the package was ready to go, I purchased some ezine ads and bid 
heavily on and some other Pay-Per-Click search engines. 
And, within days, for the very first time, I started to make good
profit on line with my FreeToSell Package. I saw my approach was 

So I kept upgrading the package by adding more and more products into 
it. This package is still selling very well today. We have now more 
than 3,000 resellers and the price is the same, yet the package has
grown to at least 6 times the size of the original version.

And the best part is the wide spread of the package has brought me
Huge back-end sales. Remember, in day two of this course we were
talking about the value of branding and how branding could bring you
back-end sales after you have sold a product.

As I am writing this, I decided to check the Stats at H4p, one of 
the Hosting Services I recommend in my Master eBook. 

I've earned $1,300 monthly commission this month ... 
This is just from One of the affiliate recommendations. 
Back-end sales are very powerful!

Beyond any doubt, selling information products is the best business 
you could ever have on line.

You can also start selling my FreeToSell Package Today,
Please visit for details.
Have a Good read through the site so that 
you know Exactly what I am offering to my resellers.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for Day Four of this Course...

Until Tomorrow, my Regards!
Tom Hua