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I am glad you are still with me. This shows me that you are 
interested in making money and have the desire to follow what
I can show you.
Today we are going to talk about why eBooks are so popular.
The popularity of eBooks has risen at a very fast pace. First 
there were few of them and the Giant Marketers who were using
them were pulling in the money like crazy.
Then as the secrets became more known, people were finding
out how they could do it too.  
In the last two years eBooks have become one of the biggest 
sellers on the net!
First of all, they are easy to produce. They can be spread around
at no cost to you like a virus.  And they can advertise your
website with hints or big loud advertisements.
They can be used to get information out to the public and people
can just click on their book and read what they want to know.
Information Sells Well. 
There are two kinds of ebooks... the ones that you want to give
away for free and the ones that you want to sell.
The free ones, will always advertise for you. If you write them,
that is very powerful... but... I don't know you... so I don't
know if you write or not.   
However, you may be thinking that you have to be a writer to
make a book. I can hear your question now, 
"Tom, that is all great and stuff, but what good does it do
me, if I can't write a book?"
It's no problem!
This is where "Resell Rights" and "Branding" eBooks come in. 
You can purchase the right to sell ebooks and an ebook can also 
be branded for all kinds of backend sales. 
An example is, you come to my site and you see a free book
to download. So, sure you download it. Now, it may have 
been totally free, I didn't ask you for your email. I didn't
make you have any obligation; it is just free.
But, not only that, I tell you, use it on your website, 
give it to other people for free!
And, I didn't even write the book!!!  ;-) 
Do you think I am crazy?  Do you think I am losing money
by giving you that eBook for free?
After all, I didn't write the book, so how does my giving
it away free, make me money?
Well, I am not crazy. You can believe me when I say this is
true.  In that book it will lead to things that I either own 
or am affiliated with to make some money.
What I did was:
I had that eBook branded. I might have paid $10.00 or even
$25.00 to get that book branded, so I can give it to you
for free. However, almost every link in the book, will lead to 
something that makes me money!

Do you think I'm crazy now?
Stay tuned for tomorrow when you get your Free Lesson #3
for Examples of eBook magic power and what I did with that 
Remember, you can do it, too.
Tom Hua